Our Vision

To develop and deliver in clinic, photocrosslinked, biodegradable 6 months+ sustained release ocular biologics and small molecule drugs.

Through innovative sustained release therapeutics we can advance the quality of care for patients suffering from sight-threatening diseases.

Our Technologies

EyeLief®– EyeLief-SD

EyeLief® is a preformed implant, composed of our photocrosslinked polymeric matrix that is designed to be injected into the eye through narrow gauge needles. This implant is the first biodegradable implant that can achieve significant high loading of both biologic and small molecule drugs that are designed to provide sustained drug delivery for 6+ months. EyeLief-SD (Super Dense) provides higher release rates and drug loading, thus broadening the wide range of biologics and small molecule therapeutics capable of  6+ months sustained release


OcuLief® is an in situ depot forming injectable gel-based implant. It is composed of gel made from polymeric materials that upon exposure of short UV light results in a photocrosslinked implant in the eye. The gels are injected in the eye using narrow gauge needles. This photocrosslinked biodegradable implant is designed for less potent drug molecules that require higher release rates and also provides sustained biologic delivery for 6+ months.

Our Strategies

Internally develop a 6 months + sustained release anti VEGF biologic to be delivered in the clinic.
Internally develop a 6 months+ small molecule therapeutic to be delivered in the clinic

Develop strategic collaborations with leading pharmaceutical companies to partner Re-Vana technology for the next generation of sustained release therapeutics.

Large Underserved
Patient Populations

  • Major growth projected due to lifestyle and age
  • Current therapeutics require frequent administrations

Global Ophthalmic
Pharmaceutical Market

  • Expanding patient populations and novel treatments are forecasted to result in a 45% increase in market revenues through 2024
  • Population growth will represent significant burden on healthcare providers and systems
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Partnerships and Collaborations

Re-Vana is working with several interested parties in conducting preformulation and preclinical feasibility studies.