OcuLief® is an in situ depot forming injectable gel-based implant.

It is composed of gel made from polymeric materials that upon exposure of short UV light results in a photocrosslinked implant in the eye. The gels are injected in the eye using narrow gauge needles. This photocrosslinked biodegradable implant is designed for less potent drug molecules that require higher release rates and also provides sustained biologic delivery for 6+ months.

Advantages of OcuLief®

  • Gel-based system injected into the eye and photocrosslinked in situ
  • Injected in the eye using narrow gauge needles – office based delivery
  • Novel applicator device with a built-in UV source – office based delivery
  • Designed for less potent molecules that require higher release rates
  • Lower volumes (< 20-50 µL) can be injected due to high drug loading
  • Gel will form into single implant upon injection (no snow globe effect)