About Re-Vana

Queen's University BelfastRe-Vana Therapeutics is a 2016 start-up based on a technology developed at Queen’s University Belfast (QUB), Northern Ireland, UK. QUB has recently been recognized as the No. 1 university in the UK for their capacity to commercialize research*. The novel concept of photocrosslinking for ocular drug delivery was developed by Dr. Raj Thakur and his team.

Redefining Ocular Therapeutics

During the past several decades pharmaceutical companies have struggled with how to access and maintain the necessary drug levels to treat a wide range of ocular diseases. The constant requirement of drug administration has resulted in an enormous burden on patients and healthcare systems. The inability to provide sustained therapeutic levels has led to several generations of drugs that require frequent administrations.

Re-Vana is developing photocrosslinked technologies for delivery of a wide range of therapeutics that may dramatically extend the time between intravitreal, topical or other injectable routes of administrations to the eye. In addition, we can reduce or potentially eliminate the need for topical drug delivery. Our technologies may lead to a new generation of drugs that will only require 1-2 intravitreal or anterior segment administrations per year. The Re-Vana platforms may also be used with many drugs that have recently become generics or biosimilars that have demonstrated outstanding efficacy for short durations of time.